Tonight’s Evening Hike

So you want to feel like you’re the last person left on this planet? If so, go out and hike at Morgan Territory in Clayton in the evening time. It was a brutally hot day today that lasted well into the evening. By 6pm I had it… I’d promised the dogs a hike and I was bored at sitting around inside trying to keep cool, so I loaded them in the van and we hit the road. We drove down Morgan Territory road in Clayton… turned up some old country music on the radio, rolled down the windows and just drove for about 30 minutes. If you’ve never driven down this road you should- it’s 1 lane a lot of the time and winds through the countryside between Clayton out to Livermore and is scattered with old ranches and tree covered streets. We came across one of the entrances to Morgan Territory Regional Preserve (not the main entrance- just a random gate along the roadside).

We hiked up, up, and more up! The trail started deep in the woods so was a little spooky but I had my bear spray in hand 😉 At the top of the first hill out of the woods there was the most majestic view- me and the dogs sat for a long time taking it all in!

We then hiked along the ridge trail to the next highest peak and took this video- (turn your sound off). I felt like the last person on Earth up there- we didn’t see a single person, couldn’t hear anything but the wind, and only saw 3 deer the whole hike. It was exactly the type of hike I’m always looking for!

We ended up hiking until about 8pm- the thermometer still said 94 when we got back to the van but it felt like 70 up in those hills with all the wind. I think the dogs enjoyed going somewhere new too! It was beautiful seeing the shadows on the hills change over the 90 minutes we were up there- can’t wait to go back and explore that park more!

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3 Responses to Tonight’s Evening Hike

  1. Patty Martin says:

    very nice! I like your giant dog perspective!

  2. Kara says:

    I like this video of the view better. The other one was cool but this one was gorgeous! Looks like a really great hiking spot and super peaceful.
    Thanks for posting! I always enjoy reading your adventures!

  3. OnTheGoMutts says:

    oh yea- much more epic view on this hike! We went a lot higher that’s why. Thanks!

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