Zoomies Turn Juno Into a Pig

Me and the dogs frequent a neighborhood elementary school field in the evenings so I can let the dogs run off leash close to home. Rookie normally gets the zoomies at least once while we walk around the field but Juno has only ever gotten zoomies a couple times since I got her 3 years ago. It makes me sad that she can’t just let loose- I think she’s too guarded and serious when we’re out an about.

In the middle of this school’s field is a giant year round mud puddle. It is a constant battle of me against the mutts not to let them drink from it since I’m sure it’s full of all kinds of nasty things they shouldn’t be drinking. This week in particular, Rookie ran his little heart out and REALLY wanted some tasty puddle water. In my attempt to keep him from drinking out of it, I chased him around more and he thought it was a great game! Watching me and Rookie was just too much excitement for Juno apparently because it sent her into a serious case of the zoomies! She hurled herself repeatedly through the mud puddle, covering both her and Rookie in muddy water. She took the zoomies very seriously too and was she ever fast! I was screaming and running around and she was jumping up and down in the mud puddle like a happy little piglet!

Despite having to clean them off when we got home, I was happy as can be to see her let loose a little!!!

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2 Responses to Zoomies Turn Juno Into a Pig

  1. Kara says:

    I hope one day someone gets u and the dogs running around crazy on a field on video! I can see it now on YouTube getting millions of hits for its entertainment and laughs!

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